Upon my first site visit I know this had great potential tobe an amazing project.  However, I also know the client had meet several other swimming pool contractors, and landscapers already and received a few designs and proposals, I also knew they were meeting with me late in the process only because he had a chance to see a project I had designed and built at his sons friends birthday party. When I finally had a chance to meet the client and his family and we walked the entire wooded, hilly site. I started talking with them about how this project could push the limits and go from  JUST a swimming pool to something Much MORE. I explained to them my excitement there property gave me upon my prior visit. I mentioned this project should include features like a negative edge, swim up bar, raised spillover spa, in order to take full advantage of the site and more importantly the part of the yard which otherwise would have never been developed or used for any reason. That night I saw the clients eyes, ears and mouths open wide as the mind was spinning with excitement as I started sketching by hand my ideas on paper for there backyard. The very next morning I received an email from the client stating they wanted to move forward and retain me for the designing and construction of there back yard project! I immediately started preparing the permits and started the design. I know I had to incorporate a 1200 sq ft swimming pool, negative edge,a large ten person hot tub, and the kids favorite a large sunning deck and most importantly the entire project had to have the WOW effect which I know it could. The pools shape is a modified double roman end with inverted corners and features a large sweeping bowed negative edge on one of its long walls The spa is designed to fit within one of the pools inverted corners and is completely automated. The spa has  imported 1” X 1” glass tile on it floor.  The project also features a large swim up bar complete with granite stool tops, 5 color changing underwater light, a large sunning deck and 1000 sq ft of blue stone patio and much more. We had to remove several large trees, truck in over 200 yards of  ¾” blue stone trap rock for under the pool where the pool would not be situated completely on virgin soil,as well as over 100 yards of soil to level up the yard behind the pool. We  designed and built over 300 linear feet ofstone and wood retaining walls. The project also features wonder full nightlighting.

This project indicates the importance of putting forth myvisions and laying them out in hopes to have the right client with the rightbudget at the right time and allow me to perform!