Award Winning Negative Edge Pool

This project was Awarded a Merit Award By Nespa (North East Spa Pool Association) And was Awarded a Silver Award By Lispa ( long Island Spa Pool Association)

Architecture Master Piece!

This project seamlessly links the modern style of the home’s appeal directly with the outdoor pool area.

The 22′ X 48′ swimming pool with its 8’x 8′ spa is the home’s main focal point: it was designed to be seen from just about every room in the house.

This residential, plush resort requires over 16 hp of motors, 800,000 BTU of heating, 3 salt water systems, to insure these features are always looking their best and so that they are always ready to be enjoyed.

The features of this project are as endless: the pool’s 48′ long ZEN like negative edge, 48′ of grand entrance steps, the diamond studded glass bead interior finish, the lighting system, (and not to be missed), is the amazing underwater sound system. All these features are completely automated from anywhere.

Over 4000 sq. feet of French granite was used for the copings, patio and the exposed side of the negative edge.

The poolside furniture was designed and custom built on site and the fabric were custom woven and tailored. The steel open-air structures were erected, welded, and powder epoxy painted on site.

This project truly defines the meaning of elegant living!